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Are you looking for the best dentist in Manikonda, who really puts patient care at the very heart of the practice? And searching for affordable dental care? Facing troubles to find the expert dentists, who can transform your life with a confident smile? Well, look no further.

You can now get the smile; you’ve always desired with Pradham Dental!

At Pradham Dental, we have cemented a strong place in the hearts of patients as the team of friendly dentists in Manikonda by providing quality dental services that use the state-of-the-art & sophisticated technology, amid a patient-friendly setup. You will be totally satisfied with our best dental services and unrivaled level of dental excellence and patient care.

We are best- known for our hygienic, modern facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and maintaining high quality in terms of services. With rich experience in dentistry, we offer some of the best dental care treatment in the Manikonda area, and nevertheless, to say, our friendly patient-centric approach is the cherry on the top to curate a perfect smile for our patients.

Why Pradham Dental?

  • We support you to achieve the smile of your dreams at Pradham Dental.
  • We try our level best to provide you with a very comfortable and safe environment for your dental treatment.
  • We make you feel at ease throughout your dental treatment at our clinic.
  • We provide a friendly ambiance, comfortable timings, competent and friendly dentists, world-class dental equipment, various dental services that make sure to bring confidence in your smile.
  1. It’s all about you.

We listen to your concerns and requirements very patiently and establish how you envision your oral health. We also strongly believe that dentistry has the huge power to transform lives and smiles, to give you newfound confidence in your appearance. Our team at Pradham Dental takes great pride in making you comfortable and safeguarding your wellbeing right from the first session.

  1. What do we do for you?

The whole team at Pradham Dental supports you on your dental journey. From general dentistry to teeth whitening; Invisalign braces to implant technology; we provide your various innovative & sophisticated dental services.

Our team takes their chosen profession very seriously. So, behind the scenes, they truly love to spend time geeking out on new innovative ways of dental treatment and strive to enhance your dental journey to make it seamless and comfortable from your first sitting.

  1. We are located in a great location.

Pradham Dental is situated in the heart of Manikonda, Hyderabad. Not only are we convenient for patients in and around Manikonda, but we are also in a great location for those, who aren’t nearby but wish to enjoy our seamless & friendly patient experience.

What are the key benefits provided by Pradham Dental for you?

  • A complete family dental solution
  • Diamond Invisalign provider
  • Highly qualified expert team with rich experience
  • Friendly and welcoming environment
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • You can witness long-lasting results after the completion of your treatment.

For a super smile, our friendly team at Pradham Dental is looking forward to giving you the best dental treatment and making you feel even better and comfortable, so seize your appointment at Pradham Dental and grasp the opportunity to transform your life with a confident smile! 😊










Have you ever felt that your teeth are not aligned the way you want them? You might be considering braces, but you are also looking for an alternative. Invisalign is a dental aligner that helps to align the teeth without using braces or metal wires. The aligners can be removed and replaced easily, and they are clear and comfortable to wear.

Invisalign open day offer!!

If you’re considering Invisalign as your solution for misaligned teeth, here’s something to consider:

We’re running an Invisalign Open Day On October 23rd! It’s a great chance to learn about how Invisalign works and see if it’s right for you.

#Remember If it is Invisalign, it is to be PradhamDental!!

What will you get as an Invisalign Customer?
  • The best things in life are free! What’s up, friends? We have some more exciting things coming your way for FREE.
  • In addition to your in town’s Best Invisible Braces get triple combos straight.
  • FREE Digital Scan worth ₹10,000
  • FREE Consultation
And Enjoy a Flat offer worth ₹29,999 !!

And we don’t leave you here. We got you some Additional Perks too for only those action takers like YOU!

  • Now invest in your smile with No cost EMI on Treatment. This means you can start your Invisalign Treatment without a Penny on Pocket.
  • Get Your Treatment from Hyderabad’s Leading Invisalign Provider.
  • Know your results Digitally before you start your Invisalign journey.
  • Pay your EMI with an absolutely 0% Interest Rate.

Why are you waiting so long to straighten your teeth when we got everything clear for you? You will never get an exclusive offer like this. Grab once in a lifetime Limited offer to enjoy the additional perks.

                                                                                              “Straighten Invisibly Smile Confidently”








I am Ashok Chandra, Dentist & Founder of Pradham Dental Clinic, Manikonda. I hope everyone who is currently reading this has participated in the “#SmilewithPradhamDental” contest initiated at “Pradham Dental’s Instagram Page”. Congrats and thanks to all of you for making it a big success. This is just the beginning. Keep reading this blog to know completely about the idea behind the competition and more details about upcoming events & competitions.

Educating oneself, getting a job, earning out of it, reinvesting or/and saving is a known economic cycle humans organically involve into. We are basically what we do! Life comes across as a cycle. Individually each one of us tries to make it as colorful as possible through our passion, work, and hobbies.

Every action makes a difference, that’s true. But few actions, some jobs make an immediate difference. The results of these jobs are more vibrant compared to the obvious earnings. Dentistry is one such craft!


As a dentist, daily I get a chance to help people with their oral health. A chance of crafting an individual’s oral health; a chance of helping someone every day with their oral health which empowers them to savor all those tastes that their life presents them. I feel blessed at the opportunity of architecting the smiles of each and every person who reaches out to me. Because I respect every smile! I cherish smiles! More importantly, I believe in its power! A Smile has the sole power of unfolding a plethora of windows and opportunities; Windows into peoples’ minds and souls; Unforeseen opportunities that can change lives, one at a time.


The happiness of bonds, relationships, families, and communities are built with bricks of smiles. Your smile is a color that any random stranger’s day can be memorably colored with. Your smile is a canvas with which your dear ones try to paint their life on and around with. Life can be a cycle. But the smile is our weapon that can add the twinkle we want to our lives. As I am dealing with such an important characteristic feature, I am conducting my day with a sense of responsibility, humbleness, and a constant aspiration to learn. To learn the new ways of reaching out to more people, knowing their perspective, and adding value to their oral hygiene, to their smile i.e.., unfolding their smile in its complete natural way possible.


You can be sure that I value, cherish and more importantly respect smiles as I believe in it’s true potential. An underlying potential hat can rudimentarily change anything. In this distorted age of technological drama having a smile with us is one big relief; we still have the superpower to face anything everything that life throws at us without any hesitation. Smile is such a superpower. Smiles that I accumulated by helping the needy has helped me and still helping me to go through this stressful pandemic with a heart full of hope, for a dawn that is inevitable. On a smile-full day, I thought of finding out this.

  • Do people try to have a natural smile often?
  • How do others see a smile?
  • What is the perspective that others carry towards hope? Etc…,

Cumulating all of my questions, I with my Pradham Dental Team, HK2807WORKS along with SENSORA Toothpaste; designed a competition to know people’s perspectives towards SMILE, with the question “Which Is The Most Important: Confident Smile or Beautiful Smile?”

Click Here to see the post on Instagram!!

We expected a minimum of 20 words as comments from the participants; along with some predefined set of easy steps that everyone should follow while entering the competition.


Each of us interprets our own ways for every question or feature we face with. For example, some see smile as another makeup while others carry it as armor. While some throw their smile like that of explosives others hide it like a secret. Yet it has the same undying potential ready to be revealed.

Personally, I feel that beyond any gender, social, economic, etc…, differences and disparities one should completely be able to accept themselves.

And that complete acceptance gives birth to a natural smile that not only lights your face but it radiates your whole persona any time, any place, any circumstance. It empowers you both internally as well as externally to charge at every day like a warrior that you are meant to be. The only difference is that, when you start and continue your journey with a smile, the lady success will be on your side.

Beauty can be achieved with some or little effort with the advent of dentistry, cosmetology, and other advanced surgical as well as medical options. But when you accept your whole self with all your flaws and firmness, you are nothing short of an unbreakable fortress lighting your whole self in a way that intrudes the darkness around you, within you and in others as well.


First of all, the response was great. Thanks to each and everyone who has not participated but also enlightened us with their perspective.

As only a bunch can be selected for the prize distribution, we carefully hunted for organic, striking as well as alluring answers for the question. And we have found some amazing responses!


TOP 5 WINNERS (Will get Rs.20,000 each):

  1. @preranareddy0077
  2. @kakes__khan
  3. @ar_vaishak
  4. @nethra.sadhu
  5. @prudhvitysan007

LUCKY 50 MEMBERS (Will get Oral Hygiene Kits)

1 @manishakutty12
2 @iam._.sushmitha._.mynampati
3 @dark__chocolate_16
4 @sangeetha.sangineni
5 @__name_is_john__
6 @suhail_22_khan
7 @manisha__nisha
8 @khyathi_khyathi5
9 @sunitha_tamang_2529
10 @_.charan._03
11 @mr._.crazyyy
12 @simmy_19198
13 @i_am_teja_yy4s
14 @susmitha2295
15 @_.charan._03
16 @petlanavyasri
17 @madhushreya.g
18 @honey_surekha
19 @ramya_2436
20 @madhuri_chintu
21 @_yshuu_
22 @raibagiseema09
23 trisha_5117
24 @vamshilasyavamshilasya
25 @soniee_kudikala
26 @dr.shivanibhukya
27 @mr.arvind_k
28 @sweety__mahajan
29 @ragalabhagyalakshmi
30 @vishal_2205_08
31 @ramya_marella
32 @shravanijatoth
33 @chandana.456
34 @doll.teja3579
35 @_harshi.harshitha_
36 @ranjithkumar02
37 @lavanya_lavi_13
38 @non._.volatile
39 @ravallikareddy
40 @raghu_178
41 @bunny_modupalli
42 @bandaru_poojitha
43 @pranathi_periketi
44 ” @lalli_lalini”
45 @mama_thagudam
46 @rachu_bairi
47 @pallavi_reddymalla
48 @saajidah_rocks
49 @rv___04
50 @happyyyyyyyy_soul


Thanks for aspiring me to be on a constant lookout for a new exponential experience every day. Your hampers on your way, don’t worry!

And this is just a start. Soon you are going to meet us with another exciting and moving competition with some exciting prizes exclusively for our followers as a bonus! So keep following us! Keep encouraging us! Keep blessing us!

Remember to wear your mask, not to forget your smile as well. It matters second that whether others can or cannot see. Your soul sees you so express yourself to you first with your smile!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Smiling.

And… Have Smileful times ahead!




Are you searching for the best dental implant clinic in Hyderabad? If yes, your search ends here! You have come to the right place where you can get the best dental implant i.e. at Pradham Dental, Manikonda, Hyderabad.

From comfort to convenience to appearance, dental implants come closest to the natural teeth and this is the major reason for their widespread popularity. All credit goes to implants!

Pradham’s Dental Implant specialty:

Getting an implant is the best way to rectify if you have a missing tooth. It is one of the most long-lasting methods as implants look natural, do not harm other teeth. Implants have become dentistry’s leading option for replacing missing teeth.

In addition, their placement involves minimally invasive techniques and have a success rate higher than other tooth-replacement systems. The best part of dental implants is, they are the most durable solution and in most cases, implants can last a lifetime. Most of the dentists label them as the ‘next best thing after the natural teeth’.

If you have missing teeth, prefer Dental Implant at Pradham Dental as the dentists at this clinic bring a smile makeover to bring back the lost charm, and self-esteem also. The quality of your life goes considerably up when you have an implant at our clinic. We will help you gain a charming appearance and fill your life with confidence.

Why ‘Pradham Dental’ is the best choice for getting an implant?

Best Dental Implant Hospital near me – Pradham Dental                                 

Based in Manikonda, Hyderabad, the Pradham Dental Clinic is renowned for its best dentists and specialists. It offers comprehensive solutions to dental and oral health care.

Here is why ‘Pradham Dental’ is the best choice for getting an implant:

  • We are known for our hygienic, modern facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and maintaining high quality in terms of services.
  • Our clinic houses the best dental surgeons who will take pride to give you the world’s best medicine on your face (SMILE).
  • With innovative and modern technologies, the clinic will give you the best of services regarding your oral and dental care.
  • Our patient-centric approach is another distinct feature.
  • Undergoing a dental implant at Pradham Dental helps to improve your appearance and increase your confidence while speaking, smiling, and chewing.
  • You will witness long-lasting results after the completion of your treatment.
  • Every treatment done at our clinic is systematic and time-sensitive, every move is calculated, and each material is accounted for in both quantity and quality
  • You will be satisfied with our trained and empathetic services.

Interested in Dental Implants?

Learn how new teeth can bring the ‘perfect pearly smile’. Contact Us Today!




Invisalign FREE Digital Scan – Hurry up for Rs 15,000 off

  • Invisalign FREE digital scan
  • In-house scanner first time in Hyderabad
  • Get Rs 15, 000 offer on Invisalign treatments
  • Offer Date: March 1st to March 31st

Having the perfect and confident smile is a dream for many people who are not happy with their teeth look when they smile. People with overlapping teeth, twisted teeth, widely spaced teeth, and teeth crowding often try to give a small smile to hide their teeth. To have the confidence of a full smile, they need to be confident of how the smile looks.

To bring back a picture-perfect smile that they want, Pradham Dental’s Invisalign treatment is coming as a boon.

Yes, Pradham Dental, located in Manikonda is offering Invisalign treatment with an in-house scanner for the first time in Hyderabad.
Our dental clinic is providing exciting offers i.e. Rs 15, 000 offer on Invisalign treatments and Invisalign FREE digital scan to provide you a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime.

With state-of-the-art Invisalign technology, an in-house digital scanner, and in-depth experience, Pradham Dental will provide you with the best ways to get the most of your Invisalign treatment. Emerge into a better, new you with Pradham Dental’s Invisalign treatment.

Benefits of our In-house scanner/Invisalign digital scan:
  • It uses high graphic resolution to capture images.
  • You will have a better experience
  • Comfortable treatment process
  • No unpleasant taste
  • Shorter appointment than impressions
  • Results in faster delivery times of your Invisalign treatment plan and aligners
  • More accurate than impressions
  • Eliminates the need to retake impressions multiple times
  • Results in better treatment outcome
Our Invisalign digital scan is safe
  • It does not expose you to radiation
  • It uses a laser to generate the images

We have our in-house scanner for the first time in Hyderabad. It allows to take a digital impression, which is highly accurate and it keeps you comfortable besides delivering precise images.

Invisalign FREE digital scan is then used to create your Invisalign treatment plan to deliver the beautiful smile of your dreams!

Hurry Now!! And, avail of our Rs 15, 000 offers on Invisalign treatments.

Offer Valid: March 1st to March 31st, 2021

Last but not least,

We would like to reveal, “we are fans of Hygiene’.

Pradham Dental has a long-standing commitment to providing safe, hygiene treatment to our patients. Your safety is our highest priority. During this global COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to giving you a safe, reliable place to receive care is even more important to us.

Contact us today!






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